B-B-Q – Back To Nature

Nature has its own way of curing a lot of issues. Spending time away from civilization and mundane life has its own charm. Staying in tents, cooking meat and living amongst the woods or near the river is truly an adventure that one must experience at least once.

Living away from the concrete jungle means no modular kitchens and fancy microwave ovens. B-B-Q is the only option for a purist who wants to experience the natural life completely. There are many such grills available in the market that not only suit all diets but are compact and portable enough to be transported easily. Many come with an enclosed cabinet that gives you room to store the grilling accessories. This plays a vital role in saving space as well. This is my choice of the best – gas and electric grills! – a grill that is compact and convenient. Another spare grill that I have is for the backyard rendezvous with the family. This Char broil classic 4 burner gas – is top grill.

Apart from gas and charcoal, I do have an eye for the electric grills. While they might not scream nature, they have their own advantages.

* They are money saving. Natural gas can be expensive and not easy to come by. The hassle of hooking a gas line to the backyard can also be avoided.

* There are no fumes. This is a big advantage to those who have breathing issues and want to avoid pollution. The no smoke factor also means you can grill your meat inside the house without worrying about suffocation.

* Electric grills are extremely convenient. They are compact and occupy very little space. They are portable and convenient to store when not in use.

* If you live in a rented apartment, the house owner might not appreciate a gas or a charcoal grill that could be a potential safety hazard. Electric grills need no approvals. They can be placed and transported as and when you wish.

Let’s take a look at the Top listed outdoor grill {electric}

* Weber Q140 Electric Grill

This outdoor grill not only weighs light, it is also very smart looking. Weighing 26 pounds, this Weber product lives up to the brand name every way. It is not very hard on the wallet either. If you are adventurous, you can try for this grill. It is safe and secure, a true catch for beginners.

* Char-Broil Patio Bistro TRU-Infrared Electric Grill

This 51-pound electric grill can also be used with propane as a source of fuel. It combines infrared cooking technology to the classic convention based grill cooking. The round design is impressive in nature. It has a 240 square inch of cooking space on the surface. The elevated warming rack adds more space to this grill. From veggies to meat, this electric grill is a dream come true for most BBQ lovers. Most of my purchases have been made from https://www.kickassbbq.com/top-grills/weber-q-2400/. With excellent choices and a variety of accessories, spring and summer just pass you by.