Home Defense Weapons

Home is place where you feel safe, free and feel really blessed. Have you ever wondered the safety of your home, Safety of your family at home? If you haven’t done, then it’s high time!

Well, you might be confident about safety measures that your house is strong enough to be broken doors and windows are strong enough to be broken and made way. But, have you kept a safety plan in place? Hope not, in the worst of dreams should a family suffer the burnt of an invader causing damage to lives and property of innocent people, but anytime your lives are at risk, if you haven’t thought about safety measures.

And when it happens, you would be in a state of panic and shock. We have heard and read about many burglars and thieves breaking houses for search of valuables and money, and if people come in between, they injure and hurt the family members. These invaders even kill the people for the fear of being caught by authorities. So having a plan in place is always safe and let all your family members know about it.

We are going to discuss about some weapons which help you to safeguard your home against those miscreants who come home uninvited.

Pistols and guns come in real rescue when such a situation arises. And for self-safety reasons in many nations the usage of pistol and gun are allowed. Glock pistol is a series of polymer-framed, short recoil-operated, semi-automatic pistols produced by Glock Ges.m.b.H, located in Austria. Glock is a major brand in guns supplying to the US Defense forces and army. It is also one of the best reliable pistol makers for home defense, recreation and competition shooting too.

Glock 19 is a pistol from Glock and is most suited for both public and private sectors security agencies. It is compact in its design when compared to other pistols. There are many additional accessories available for this pistol enhancing its features and usage. →→ glock 19 accessories – full range are: Slide Stop Lever, Plug Insert, Light, Magazine Well Insert, Sights, Trigger, Grip, Slide cover.

The next is REVIEW sig P226 HQ, another gun for personal defense and home defense. It is easy to adapt, and is an all steel gun. Though it’s a little heavy, there is a perfect grip balanced in the hands and it never aims to lose the target cause of its weight. Though it’s a little big to carry around every day to your work place or elsewhere, it is definitely good to be at your home safeguarding your family members. There is another variation in sig, sig p-238. And the handgun prices for Sig p-238 {WEBSITE} is approximately in the range of 600-800$.

The rifle model: ruger 10 22 is good, really good for every home. This one gun is fun and easy to shoot at. It is very good rifle for beginners and for those experienced it gives a joy of shooting with a great gun. It is reliable, easy to load and operate, easy to carry around too and the height isn’t a concern too. So, if it’s for your personal defense or home defense, this is the most recommended, since ages.