Solar Starter Kits: There’s More Than Just The Solar Panel

The very first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word solar energy or solar power is the solar panels. It is without a doubt that the solar panel is the most important component of a solar power system, which converts sun’s energy into usable electricity.

But if you are considering using solar energy as a back-up power source for your home or as a power source for off-grid uses like your RV or motor homes, then it good to know that there is more to the system than just those panels.

A solar starter kit is a great way to get started with solar energy and here are the advantages of using one.

Advantages of a solar starter kit

1. Affordable –The initial set up cost of a solar power system can stop you from making the switch. But unlike a full-fledged solar power system that can cost you tens of thousands of dollars, a starter kit can be purchase for a few hundred dollars

2. Easy to set up – The kit comes with everything you need to get your power system up and running in no time. There are also not a lot of components and hence it is easy to set-up even without seeking professional help.

3. Reduce electricity bill – The solar power from a starter kit can be used to power a few electrical appliances in your house. Therefore, you can see an overall reduction in your electricity bill.

Components of a solar starter kit

A starter kit is also a great option if you are not the DIY kind of person. Here are the components of a typical solar starter kit.

1. Solar panels

The panels convert the solar energy into usable electric energy. Based how much power you will need, you can choose the panels. You get kits with panels starting from 100watts.

2. Charge controller

This device controls the amount of power coming from the solar panels to your battery so that they don’t get overcharged.

3. Mounting hardware

All the hardware that is required to mount your panels is also provided in the kit so that you can fix them correctly for maximum exposure to the sun.

4. Cables and connectors


The solar panels need to be connected to the charge controller which in turn will be either connected to your gird or a battery source. The cables for these also are always provided in the kit.

Which is the best solar panel kit?

There are a lot of great brands of solar panel kits that you can choose from. If you want to buy a solar panel kit, but are confused by the number of options available on the market, then you can consider the windy nation rv solar panel kit.

Will I need a battery?

If you intend to use your solar power system as a back-up power source at home, then you will need a battery. If you want to buy a battery, then VMAX battery gets reviewed [CLICK] or you can also choose from the TOP PICKS FOR DEEP CYCLE BATTERIES ONLINE.